kin:pathic pilots autism services technology solutions developed in partnership with Lukasa

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A shared vision to empower behavioral care ​providers and families through digital tools.

Nashua, New Hampshire –  Through its K:P Labs division, kin:pathic is launching pilots of K:P ASSESS and K:P 360, the first of several software applications as part of its new suite of products developed in partnership with Lukasa.

K:P Labs leads kin:pathic’s R&D efforts to actively research, design, develop, and test new technologies that radically improve the customer experience and business operations of autism healthcare providers. We leverage our clinical know-how and tech savvy to innovate digital tools that transform everything from parent communications (mobile app with messaging, community, tracking, booking) and therapy (assessments, digital therapeutics, online parent training) to clinical organization (data tracking, smart treatment planning).

Using behavioral assessments often requires expensive and time-consuming preparation of materials such as flashcards and pictures that are not reimbursable by insurers. K:P ASSESS gives providers a digital tool that lets them prepare these materials much more effectively and economically. It also features a convenient way of recording assessment scores digitally and keeping a history of these for future reference and incorporation into reports and behavioral plans.

K:P 360
Most of the current technology solutions developed for the autism services sector have been focused on improving backend operations. Client facing digital products have been largely overlooked and they present a significant opportunity to improve the customer experience by providing an immediate touch point for customer response and information. The K:P 360 app is designed to be a user-friendly tool that provides therapists and clients with a seamless flow of communication and interaction.

Lukasa Partnership
The expertise of kin:pathic in autism and behavioral healthcare coupled with Lukasa’s deep experience as developers of healthcare related technologies presents an ideal partnership. Lukasa has been involved with R&D at K:P Labs from the very early stages of ideation and application design, providing invaluable insights informed by its extensive work providing technology consulting services and solutions for startups and major companies alike. 

Tiffany Remy, kin:pathic’s CEO,  remarks: “Lukasa has been wonderful at helping us break down complex problems and turning them into a roadmap consisting of actionable solutions. We feel as if they are part of our team with a stake in our success.”

Dan O’Toole, Lukasa’s CEO, commented: “Kin:pathic’s emphasis on human centered and empathic application design aligns quite nicely with Lukasa’s approach to software development and we are excited to be part of their journey to bring cutting edge technology to behavioral health services for children with autism.”

About kin:pathic -
Kin:pathic is a mission-driven behavioral health provider that combines empathic therapy and the power of technology to deliver state of the art therapeutic services, particularly for children diagnosed with autism. The co-founders are Cylvia Masoni and Tiffany Remy, whose decades of experience as behavior analysts with backgrounds in early childhood education and mental health counseling led them to develop the kin:pathic method, which enables kin:pathic to work with families in any combination of home, clinical, school and online settings.

About Lukasa -
Lukasa is a business and technology modernization consulting firm focused on process analysis and improvement, system unification, and digital transformation—maximizing efficiency and growth for small to mid-sized companies.