The Big Benefits of Business and Technology Consulting—and What Makes Lukasa Unique

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The big benefits of an outside team, and the partnership approach that makes Lukasa unique

Last year, Forbes reported, Consulting firms have a uniquely powerful role in shaping the digital transformation journey. As third-party experts, consultants provide the 1,000-ft view that organizations need as they crane their necks to look at the (sometimes daunting) work ahead of them….Consulting companies can step in to guide these organizations around pitfalls and give them a path forward.

Whether you’re a small start-up, an established midsize company, or a huge global enterprise, you can reap enormous benefits from business and technology consulting. Consulting can save you money and time, drive innovation, reduce risk, increase flexibility and scalability, and give you access to top talent and cutting-edge tools—all while allowing your existing team to focus on your core business.

Still, for many companies, trusting an outside team with their business’ most vital infrastructure—the backbone of daily operations, heart of both user and customer experience, and key driver of growth and profitability—can feel outside the comfort zone, even counterintuitive.

Here’s why consulting is such a strong trend—and why Lukasa is the ideal partner for your modernization journey. 

How does consulting save money?
The real cost of a new permanent hire for your digital transformation project or any in-house development is much greater than a simple salary; there’s significant overhead including health benefits, 401K, vacation pay, taxes, workers comp, various HR onboarding and admin costs, training, new equipment, recruiting, and more. Companies typically enjoy substantial savings with consulting teams.    

Consulting firms also provide increased flexibility and improved scalability. Supplementing and supporting permanent hires, consulting enables you to fit a team to the project at hand. It offers temporary, nimble, as-needed service—highly adept contractors that easily and efficiently manage fluctuating demands, thereby reducing your costs over the long haul.

How does consulting save time?
When you choose a third party for your transformation and technology initiatives, the research, recruiting, and hiring process is already done for you. In less time than it would take to complete a single hire, you can bring on a vetted team of experts with abundant resources at their fingertips—a preapproved package, so to speak, with proven processes to develop custom solutions and deliver on the client’s timetable. And that accelerates time to market for your product. 

Consulting gives you access to the broadest and brightest resources.
With business and technology consulting, you get a team of specialists. A savvy consulting firm focuses on attracting top talent from a global pool, bringing a diverse range of experience and niche expertise. Not only do they amass an enormous knowledge base and have access to the most groundbreaking tools, they drive innovation for client companies by providing fresh insights and new perspectives. And the team comes with its own management, making it a well-oiled machine that frees you to focus on your business.

This reduces risk by ensuring that your company’s systems are tailored to your exact needs, both immediate and future-focused, and built by demonstrated specialists in the precise technology your initiatives require. You get a superior product, and spend less time and money on upkeep and support in the long run.

How do I find the right team for my company’s unique needs?
At Lukasa, we understand that companies want the comfort and confidence of having a team that knows your business intimately and is part of the corporate culture.

What makes Lukasa distinct—and extraordinarily effective—is our partnership approach. We work side-by-side with your existing team to gain a three-dimensional understanding of your company—what you do, how you work, what you need. Then we design unifying, custom solutions that draw together the business and technological components necessary to optimize your organization and your customer’s experience.

We’re perfectly positioned to guide you through the end-to-end modernization and digital transformation process, no matter the size of your business or scope of your project. We've been on the inside—our business and technology veterans have worked in all levels and capacities across a wide variety of organizations and industries. We harness this experience to advise our clients on the most effective modernization and digital transformation strategies for their enterprises, helping you get the most out of technology and your existing team. We help you realize your own vision and guide you through the execution process.

With abundant resources at the ready, we scale a team to fit your company and project’s unique demands—now and into the future.

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