Zen Den Medical Partners with Lukasa to Launch ZenCare Platform

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Boston, Massachusetts – ZenDen Medical is partnering with Lukasa to launch ZenCare, a digital platform to scale the methods and technologies behind ZenDen Medicals’ signature approach to healthcare that helps patients dramatically transform their lives through a combination of data-driven therapies and leading-edge treatments.

The healthcare system today is fragmented and overly focused on fixing symptoms rather than providing preventive care solutions and treatment programs that address the whole patient and the root causes of distress. ZenDen Medical takes a systematic approach to caring for its patients that optimizes their personal health, improves overall performance, and increases longevity. This method successfully leverages science and technological advances that are changing the way we approach medicine, disease treatment and prevention.

ZenCare serves as a personalized healthcare treatment platform that helps ZenDen Medical providers dynamically connect with their patients’ immediate and long-term needs, adjusting their treatment plans according to the individual patient’s evolving situation. Features include performance and pain management tools, symptom checkers, research libraries, treatment frameworks, patient communication and notification, appointment scheduler and reminder, lifestyle recommendations, and telehealth consultations.

With Lukasa’s expertise in developing software platforms and modernizing technology systems, ZenDen Medical is creating a model that can be scaled for expansion to new locations, regionally and nationwide. The ZenCare digital platform will make it possible for providers to adopt the ZenDen Medical method with fidelity and expand its accessibility to patients seeking healthcare that is holistic, calibrated to the individual, and not simply fixated on minimizing symptoms.

According to Lukasa CTO, Mark Bishay, “Our challenge essentially is to take what has worked very well for as ZenDen Medical as a healthcare provider and help them create a template that can be applied by new and existing ZenDen Medical providers to deliver the same quality service with the added power of state-of-the-art communication and integrated data systems.”

ZenDen Medical founder Mary Kim-Garrity shared her excitement about the partnership with Lukasa: “Together, we are supercharging the ZenDen Medical method and presenting it in a way that can revolutionize the way we think of healthcare in this country. ZenCare is built on the premise that great healthcare treatments need to acknowledge that every individual has a unique makeup at both the nutritional and biochemical levels.”

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Zed Den Medical is your 21st Century Health, Wellness & Longevity Center based in Norwell, MA. Using a combination of cutting-edge interventions and custom technology we find the root causes of your symptoms to prescribe the most effective solutions for your unique physiology. Partnering with Zen Den Medical helps you optimize your personal health, improve performance, and increase longevity. Our experts will continue to navigate the evolving health science to allow our clients to be in control of their health, their optimal performance, and their longevity.

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